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Elite Stars ages 10-14

Elite Stars ages 10-14
Introductory pricing $29 monthly

By popular demand, we are premiering the Twinkle Star Dance Elite Stars for ages 10-14. We developed this program as an answer to the increasing need for fresh, exciting content for this age group.

Elite Stars contains contemporary movements geared towards your tween-teen level dancers at your studio. Gain access to Contemporary Warm Ups, Exercises, Progressions, and Combinations from professionally trained dancers and artists delivered virtually. Plus, we will be adding new content weekly.

Our introductory pricing on Elte Stars for ages 10-14 is $29 monthly. Let us know if you would like to take advantage of this special offer.

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Included Videos (Available - 5 )

Elite Stars ages 10-14

  •  Elite Stars - Hold On - Contemporary Warm Up
  •  Elite Stars - So Good at Being in Trouble - Contemporary Combo
  •  Elite Stars - Hit Me Up - Contemporary Combo
  •  Elite Stars - Hit Me Up - Contemporary Walk Through
  •  Elite Stars - Home - Contemporary Combo