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Social Media Marketing Plan

Work closely with Twinkle Star Dance marketing expert, Corbin Henderson, to create a monthly Facebook marketing plan that will boost enrollment in your studio. Corbin is the Director of Marketing for Tiffany’s Dance Academy’s seven locations and has figured out the secrets to bring in new students through engaging social media marketing.

 In the Social Media Marketing Plan Corbin will personally setup, boost, and monitor one event/ad each month. $149.99 monthly payment for six months. $149.99 does not include the cost of the boosted ads.


  • 30-minute consultation with Corbin Henderson
  • One boosted Facebook events/ad each month (ex. Sparkle Day and Free Trial Week)
  • Personalized events and ads to fit your dance studio closely monitored evaluation of ad performance

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Included Videos (Available - 1 )

Social Media Marketing Plan

  •  Social Media Marketing Plan