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Raising the Barre Chapter Affiliation

Who: Dancers ages 11-19 years of age – 6th Grade and up
Why: Provide candidates with the skills and opportunities to make them compassionate, responsible, confident, and strong leaders.
What: Raising the Barre students shall complete service and session hours as assigned by a Faculty Mentor who will help them schedule their commitments and guide them through their projects.

Raising the Barre $250 Chapter Affiliation Fee includes:

-RTB Chapter Affiliation
-RTB Logo
-RTB Dancer Application
-RTB Parent Volunteer Form
-RTB Volunteer Hour Worksheet
-Scholarship Fund Eligibility for your dancer members
-Umbrella Non Profit Status Eligibility for Fundraising Events for RTB

Twinkle Star Dance Subscription includes licensed use for one physical location and address.  



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Raising the Barre Chapter Affiliation