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Daddy/Daughter Dance


(Click the link above to watch actual Daddy/Daughter Dance recital footage)

Package Includes -

  • Group A Choreography (ages 3-6)
  • Group B Choreography (ages 6+)
  • Final Dance and Bow (ensemble)

The Daddy/Daughter Dance is a wonderful opportunity for Dad’s to spend quality time with their Daughters. Together they will learn a dance that they will perform during the recital.  This is a great Finale or Encore piece for any show.


Dancers and Dad's pay a one time fee and rehearse once a month for 6 months

Dancers must be 3 years of age by January 1 in order to participate in the Daddy/Daughter dance.

The Daddy/Daughter dance is great fun but it also involves lifting your daughter over your head, challenging choreography and several hours of rehearsals.

Daddy/Daughter Dance Recital Choreography Pricing Options:
1. $299 or $29.99 per month for two years if a Curriculum subscriber.

Recital Choreography Add to cart options:

Package option a) Recital Choreography monthly payment package $29.99 per month for 24 months
Package option b) Pay up front package - $299

Twinkle Star Dance Subscription includes licensed use for one physical location and address. 

Pricing Options

Included Videos (Available - 5 )

Daddy/Daughter Dance

  •  Daddy Daughter Group A Part 1 Hero
  •  Daddy Daughter Group A Part 2 Hero
  •  Daddy Daughter Group B
  •  Daddy Daughter Ending Group A Hero
  •  Daddy Daughter Ending Group B Hero