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Twinkle Star Dance™ FAQ

With the streaming videos, will these be available always?   Videos are accessible by current subscribers only.
Is there any way to save the videos or put them on a disc for teachers to review at home? For a couple of reasons we only allow streaming of the videos. The first reason is that we need to protect our valuable content from being distributed illegally on the Internet and via other means. Secondly, we need to protect our studio owner subscribers who employ instructors to teach the content. In the event an instructor’s employment status changes with their studio they are no longer licensed to view or use the copyrighted material. This prevents them from quitting your studio and either working for or opening another nearby studio and teaching the Twinkle Star Dance™ curriculum.
Do the curriculum books follow along with the videos? Yes, the training manual (in pdf format) is complete with lesson plans and class curriculum for each class.  The manual follows the class to the letter and gives you a road map for training.  It also has the class playlists and teaching methods.
Are the videos full classes of snippets of each class section (barre, warm-up, center floor, etc.)? Yes, they are full class videos with actual dancers for each class age group as well as a breakdown of each dance done separately.  For example, the Be Our Guest Center Ballet Practice is done in the actual class and by the teacher themselves.  This gives you a chance to focus on the actual choreography and how to lead the dancers in separate videos. You receive monthly updates and summer camp curriculum to add and change to your classes.
Is there any option to view a more detailed sample of the video, such as signing up for a month to make sure it's worth the investment? Unfortunately, there is no reasonable way for us to allow viewing of the content without simultaneously giving it away. Since it has become such a valuable component of our own studios and because it will become a valuable component of your pre-school program, we must protect the content.
Is this a per year charge, two year, lifetime? It is a 2 year contract on a monthly basis.  You are licensed to teach and use the Twinkle Star Dance™ Program in your studio for that time period.  You receive monthly curriculum and recital choreography updates and summer camp curriculum to add and change to your classes.  At the end of your 2 year contract you may renew if you would like to continue to teach the Twinkle Star Dance™ Program in your studio.  There is no obligation after the 2 year period.  There is a reduced price if you choose to pay for the entire two years up front. 
Does the curriculum come with costume choices via Yes, we are happy to have partnered with Costume Gallery - the exclusive costume provider for Twinkle Star Dance™. Each recital dance is paired with at least one perfect costume designed and manufactured by Costume Gallery with input from Tiffany. Subscribers may purchase the costumes directly from Costume Gallery or, users who also have a account are able to assign these costumes to their classes at a lower price! As a special bonus, adds no markup to the Costume Gallery / Twinkle Star Dance™ costumes!  This means that Twinkle Star Dance™ costumes on are the same price as they are in the Costume Gallery catalog. Now you can avoid the hassle of selecting costumes and also the work of collecting money, ordering, receiving, sorting and distributing. Let do it for you and enjoy the higher profit margin on these products.
Does the curriculum include any parent paperwork, or just the teaching information?   The curriculum includes basic class descriptions for the parents.  You also receive dancer evaluation forms for each class level for the end of the year.
Twinkle Babies: A 30 minute introductory dance class containing ballet, tap and creative movement. Young dancers learn the basic steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment. Engaging music is used to get these little guys inspired to dance. The use of props such as "dancing bears" and hula hoops, enables the young dancers to use their imagination, creativity and, most of all, have fun!
Twinkle Stars 3-4/4-5 and 5-6: An age specific 45 minute class containing ballet, tap and jazz/creative movement. Dancers learn basic steps and terminology in all three styles while inspiring movement and creativity within a positive environment. The use of fun, age appropriate music engages the young dancers' minds and bodies. The use of props such as "dancing bears" and hula hoops makes the end of class the most fun!
How do I create an Instructor account? From your Dashboard click on “Instructors” then click “Add Instructors.”  Enter in your Instructor’s name, username, email and password then click “Save.”  **Be sure the email address is a unique email address as our system sends them a welcome email to login to their new account.
How do I add videos to my Instructor account? You must first create a class before you can add videos to an Instructor account. To create a class login to your Dashboard and click on “Classes” then select “Add a Class.”  You can create a general class or specific class - ie “Twinkle Babies 2-3” or “Miss Amanda’s Monday 10am Twinkle Babies 2-3.” Once a class is created assign the videos to the class by selecting “Add Videos.” Finally, assign the Instructor to the class by choosing “Add Instructor” and double clicking their name.  
How do I receive my monthly updates? Studio owners are now able to select their own monthly updates.  From your Dashboard click on “Videos” then click on the pink square that says “Updates.”  Select the amount of updates allotted that month - videos will turn white once they have been selected.  Scroll back to the top of the page and click “Done Adding.”
How do I upgrade my current Twinkle Star Dance subscription? From your Dashboard click on “Subscriptions” from the pink tabs at the top of the page.  Select the package you want; decide if you want to pay monthly or upfront for two years; select the number of videos and click “Subscribe.”  Your order will not be complete until a payment is processed. 
How many videos are included upon subscribing? This depends on the subscription - If you subscribed to the class curriculum for ages 2-6 you would receive videos for a 30 minute Twinkle Babies 2-3 and 45 minutes of Twinkle Stars 3-4, Twinkle Stars 4-5 and Twinkle Stars 4-5 classes. For example in the Twinkle Babies/Stars Curriculum package you receive 39 videos - Basically you get the entire class broken up into segments.  The videos are of actual class time and breakdowns of just the choreography and exercises.  The classes are completely choreographed from the time the dancer until the end of the class.  The helps keep good classroom control.  You are also given the entire written lesson plan in PDF upon subscription that you can also print for teachers.  Lastly, you are given 2 new video updates each month.  For example, in October you would receive Halloween dances and exercises to add and change to your class format.
Over the 2-year subscription how many additional updated videos are included? You receive 2 new videos each month per subscription.
What if I want to cancel during that 2-year period? Is there a cancellation fee? If you chose to cancel your subscription, there is a buyout clause that is 50% of the balance owing on the term of the contract.  You are not then lawfully licensed to use the program or marketing.
Can I create as many teacher accounts/classes as needed or is it limited? Yes, and you are able to control which videos you want each teacher to have access to.
Is it possible to get a list of the videos included and/or a sample of the pdf manual? We have sample videos on our website.  We don't offer a sample of our written lesson plans.
I’d like to know more about the Twinkle Bear and how that fits into the program? The Twinkle Bear is used in all our 2-6 year old classes.  Studios usually purchase a set of the bears for the classroom, as well as offer the dancers to purchase their own to bring to and from class.  The 2 year olds use the bears in a ballet circle and in the reverence.  It is different for each age group, and we are constantly working on new dances and exercises with the Twinkle Bear.  We are actually creating a story book, Adventures of Twinkle Bear, that will premier in August 2014.